Picture nr2..

Wanna see another picture?? This is taken in front of my dad's car.. I look so cute! Dad is the best at taking pictures..

my first Photoshoot..

My dad and i tok a trip last night, to a garage in the woods, he was going to take some pictures of his Renault 5 turbo2! He also took some pretty cool pictures of me!

This picture is taken just for my friend Thomas! He has a fetish for helmets!

I almost died yesterday!

Yesterday i almost died, in my foot! Mom and dad had to drive me to the doctor, she gave me painkillers and she took some pictures of my leg!

The doctor were nice, but i hope i never ever need to go back!

Beauty sleep!

i was so tired last night, fell asleep earlier than normal. But my parents woke me up, because we ordered a new season of Deadwood last week, and we were going to see the first episode of season 2! I love laying in mom and dad`s bed and watch tv!


Hey!! Today i have been sick, Throwing up everything i eat! I am a little better now, so hope i can go out to play soon! Here are some pictures from yesterday, i was laying om mycouchwhit my unreal boyfriend,He is good at cuddling! I love him..


Hello guys.. Hope all of you have a great monday at work or school! I am laying home at my couch and waiting for my parents to come home, so i have someone to play with!

My second movie:D

Another movie from when i was playing in the backyard.. Sorry for bad editing, the only program i have is windows movie maker! It sucks!


we have a new camera, and i love it! It's called Gopro Motorsport.. Finally a camera that's not bigger than me! So much easier to take pictures.. Wanna see the results??

i'm pretty satisfied:)

Have a nice day everyone:)


I was so bored today, so i decided to try making a movie with clips from my last weekend.. Hope you guys like it!:)

Song: Kanye west feat. Jay z - Power...

Long walk..

Here is some pictures from my walk with my mom yesterday.. I was so tired when we got back to my house..

2 miles is alot for a small dog like me! What did you guys do last night?


Pedern gave me a hot dog, he is much nicer than my mom and dad. The only thing they give me is dog food

Rainy day..

I'm bored, my dad is sleeping and I want to play ..

summer is almost over..

Some pictures from my summer vacation this year..!