I think that mom's work is pretty boring! I'm not enjoying myself at these pictures..!


I'm at work today also! But today i am at Optima Norge AS. The reason why she took me to work is that after we're done we`re going to take a long walk with my friend, Anja! She lives right beside i park called Frognerparken..

Today i`m posting some more pictures my dad took the other day!

i cant wait to show them to you all!!(:


oh, finally at home after a long day at work! Now i'm laying in my moms arms and she is cuddling with me.. Love it..(:


I think it's a little early for me to be awake! But i like when dad takes me to work.

Here is some pictures from our morning..


I've been home alone almost all day.. Again! But i'll have to admit that its one good thing that comes with it.. Its so good to see my parents when they finaly get home.. Me and my dad have a great time now..We're playing playstation, and for the first time my mom isn't nagging about the playing!

This is just as good as it gets..

i'm the luckiest Pomeranosaurus in the world!

I could be the next Camel model!!

Here is another picture my dad took the other day!This girl thinks she is so pretty with her long legs! Wondering if she saw mine! They are just as long and i am so much prettier than her!

I think i should be the next Camel model!


Remember i told you guys that i hurt my foot the other day? I found this pictures from that horrible day! i can't even sit straight!!

It hurts to just look at myself..

The Car and i!

This is going to be my new Banner!!

Picture nr2..

Wanna see another picture?? This is taken in front of my dad's car.. I look so cute! Dad is the best at taking pictures..

my first Photoshoot..

My dad and i tok a trip last night, to a garage in the woods, he was going to take some pictures of his Renault 5 turbo2! He also took some pretty cool pictures of me!

This picture is taken just for my friend Thomas! He has a fetish for helmets!